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Schema for fitness and healthcare

The strongest area of business for Schema to help promote a business is healthcare which includes not only the medical industry, but also all the other aspects of healthcare including fitness and alternative therapies.

Schema is looking to include all the symptoms and ailments one might be searching for, all the solutions to each condition and every option to consider. This makes it an extremely powerful tool that should be on your marketing checklist if you want your business or practice found.

The video will give you an idea of how it works and how we use it in conjunction with good research, scriptwriting and filming to bring the right prospects to you.



Transcript below

The great thing about medical and health care sector is that it is the most important sector for Schema. This basically enables us to link any symptoms, any aspects of a medical condition, in search or being searched for rather, with particular businesses, particularly medical practice, alternative medical practices, that offer a solution to that.

The idea is when Google, Yandex, Bing, and Yahoo, initially took Schema to categorize every business on the web, was to build a map, if you like, a global map of where every business is, and to look at what that business does. And that is absolutely true. But in terms of the medical and health care sector, they’ve taken that so much further.

We are being encouraged to submit code that talks about all the aspects of a condition, so the symptoms, the words used by ordinary people to explain what they have. They don’t need to understand the medical conditions. They’re probably not going to put those in search. I mean a bad back is a bad back.

It’s a facility that we have through this code which we use in video. And we can use just in a website anyway, to identify where the people we work with, the companies, the medical practices we work with, can answer those questions. And we are able to talk about their medical experience, their training for colleges they’re at, the specialisations they have, every aspect of their business, and to put that in code form, and bring it into the interviews for videos that we write in terms of the scripts, transcripts, closed captions, to really explain what they do and make sure that that information is found.

And being able to do that does generate the information for voice search. It does create the rich snippets to get the videos found on Google. And for structured data, to make sure that all that information is read by the search engines. And that’s what it’s there for. It’s been designed to do this.

It seems a shame not to take advantage of it, especially with something that is really so important because it actually gives a means to identify a problem and provide a solution, or at least to be one of the key medical practitioners, alternative medicines, whatever, put forward by the search engines as a response to a query, and making sure your there gives you the opportunity to help. And really that’s very much part of what we’re about, providing a service to help you get found, and to help, and to make sure people you can help know about you. That is absolutely what we are about. Thank you.

To put it in plain words – on-site video marketing without video schema markup is simply a waste of time.

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