True Self Liberation

True Self Liberation - Therapeutic Life Coaching with Willow: Feel Safe, Supported, Empowered And In Control

True Self Liberation is an online therapy service designed to fix real issues

Aimed at a customer base in the US and UK, this service has been devised principally to help people who are familiar with counselling and therapy but looking for results.

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The site is designed to break complex issues down as much as possible and convey a sense of optimism in dealing with a persons issues. The imagery chosen in particular has been selected to convey a sense that a positive outcome awaits, and this is based on the actual experience of Willow’s clients.

The aim is not to draw someone into years of on-going therapy but to tackle specific issues head on and if necessary, tackle as many as are needed.

We will be adding video shortly and starting to optimise the site for SEO and to localise around locations in New York and London.

A key part of the optimisation for the site both through video SEO and technical SEO will be to use medical Schema to connect the psychological issues and potential benefits offered with people searching for help with issues. This is a very powerful tool in our armoury to connect people through search to potential solutions to consider.

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