New autumn stock Gabucci

Claudio Lugli shirt at Gabucci Bath featured in Autumn 2022 season video

First of a set of new videos for Gabucci added to their site

We’re just in the process of uploading and coding new season clips for Gabucci and uploading around 150 new products. 

We’ve also shot all the photography and will be adding the SEO code via the database for speed and efficiency. This proved a bit of a tricky shoot and edit, we were very constrained on time as trying to find quiet moments between customers and the day was getting on.

As we shot the clip above, the sun was hitting the windows of the stores opposite and as the clouds moved, the light at the front increased and decreased with alarming rapidity. We also had buses parked outside with their engines running, delivery trucks and kids, just out of school. Lots of shrill little voices enjoying the late afternoon sun. Milsom Street in Bath is the main shopping street, lovely and always busy but never a quiet place to film.

There are three more videos added to the site as blog posts. The first is talking about the fabrics and how they are sourced and produced and can be viewed here on this site.

It can also be seen on the Gabucci site where there is more detail about the process and a link to The Campaign for Wool 

Also on the site are blogs with short videos about Christmas gift ideas and winter weddings and dressing for Christmas parties.

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