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Meet Nick Darcy, I’m behind the camera and This Video Works. 

I started my career as a copywriter in a major London ad agency but I went freelance as I loved surfing and I wanted long weekends in Devon and on the Welsh coast. 

That led to me broadening the scope of work I did and I found I was particularly good at writing video scripts and speeches in the corporate world. I also wrote for a big record company.

I did a lot of filming too. From interviews to being on stage with comedians and musicians, filming them.

Kids came and I had to get a ‘proper job’ and I wrote, researched, interviewed and directed for large PR and corporate identity firms, leading to a few years in New York as a producer, casting A list celebrities and sports stars for some iconic brands.

That led to my own firm in online research and then programming in NY and then London, where we got really good at SEO especially technical SEO. I freelanced as a writer, photographer and videographer throughout as that was what I enjoyed. I still do web development and content marketing in London but its at a much smaller scale. Some clients have been loyal for years and new clients are keen to get fast, secure mobile friendly sites up, before we film.

This Video Works is about coming back to what I love and bringing all the experience I’ve gained over the intervening years. And anyway video has changed, good marketing content now, whether video or otherwise, relies on understanding customers and good coding, to work with search engines. 

I’m very good at both.

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What I do

create content to tell or aid in the telling of a compelling story about a business or service, that connects it, to its audience

I’m concentrating on interviews, motion graphics and cinemagraphs rather than bigger productions but I am still able to advise and help on branding and SEO.

For larger projects I work as a producer primarily and work with larger film crews, I’ve one I work with closely in the UK and one in NY, for the States and I can supply their showreels on request.

I’m still very happy to film processes such as having a supermarket’s concrete floor laid, a car being worked on, or bokeh of individual rings and watches but I’m most interested where it is going to be used to support the spoken word, putting it in context.

The opportunities presented by social commerce, and through social listening, and the massive growth of short-form video and user-generated content means we can respond quickly and strategically to influence an audience.

…as much as 82% of online content will consist of videos by 2022. …the number of social commerce buyers in the US has increased by 25.2%, reaching over 80 million.
Gabucci sustainable fashion video

I specialise in ...

... making sure your video reaches as many of your target audience as possible, that it talks to them in the way they want and gives them what they need.

I’m most experienced in retail, music, construction, automotive and healthcare sectors, including fitness but I’m happy to work in other sectors.

I’ve worked in fashion, food and travel too as writer and producer and I’ve worked with a number of charities doing SEO and producing content very successfully, but have yet to film for one.

I’m also very interested in the approach businesses take to sustainability and diversity, and to help tell those stories. 

The following quote relates to recent changes in the fashion industry, but with the growth in social commerce, the influence of how a business is perceived is growing in importance, giving opportunities for every business to out perform competitors.

Sustainability becomes an influencing factor: Buying sustainably was not an issue that outweighed value for our customers. But where products were perceived as being of equal value, the brand’s approach to sustainability could prove decisive.
EPAM – Consumers Unmasked report Summer 2021

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