How to beat AI in search

This clip follow lots of research into how AI is affecting online search optimisation and the volume of content currently being produced, and how well researched, well produced video, that is also coded for the search engines to read can and will outperform AI in search.

This clip talks about how we work with you to help you talk confidently on camera to introduce your business or consultancy.

Filming management consultants

This clip talks about This Video Works approach to filming management consultants and explaining what they do and their unique benefits.

Introduction to a series of videos on various sectors we’ve worked on talking about some of the issues involved with shooting and scripting.
This clip also covers how we use AI to reduce costs particularly in relation to scripting and colour editing in video.

Additional Services

Screenshot additional services video

Additional services There is so much more than just shooting and editing video to make sure it works for the client so I thought I’d list some of the services I can offer to help. Some are very much related to producing good video and include licensing and content, and are core to what I […]

Introduction to our services, video produced to be found.

Screenshot from main intro video explaining how This Video Works gets footage found online

The above video is a compilation of the five clips that explain what we do in terms of getting the videos we produce, found. The first is on our home page. We use a combination of good research, to understand your business and ideal customers, a good script to connect the content to the searches […]

How and why we use Search Listening

Screenshot from main intro video explaining how This Video Works uses search listening

The second part of our introduction to how we create videos to connect you to your audience, covers Search Listening. By analysing thousands of relevant search queries, we are able to guage which are the key queries that should lead a visitor to your site, and we use this information to help us write answers […]