Post Production for marketing video

Post Production Services, Talking Head Interviews and Voice Over Recording

Photography for marketing promotion, shot and edited by Serious Content, London

Serious Content had its own post production studio in Birmingham’s iconic Custard Factory, and as well as video editing facilities we had a dedicated area for filming talking head interviews and voice over recording. I live in Stratford upon Avon and it was easy to reach and far cheaper than Hoxton where I was then based. This Video Works is still London based but in reality I’m happy to work anywhere in the UK.

The shot above is from just outside the Custard Factory, there’s not much point showing a studio I don’t have but I think this gives a flavour of the place. It was a great place, dynamic and creative and the plan is to return to having a larger production facility again, possibly back at the Custard Factory, possibly in Media City, Manchester but for now working with colleagues remotely while we each have excellent home studios is working very well.

We work primarily in DaVinci Resolve but also Adobe (Premier Pro, After Effects, Audition and Captivate) plus Final Cut Pro. We can adjust and edit scripts to match footage and have voice coach and voice over artists and actors available when required.

We also create motion graphics and cinemagraphs for our own videos and other video marketing companies. You can see some of our latest work on our our blog.

For larger studio filming we are still recommending studios we can hire by the day in West and East London depending on requirements. Outside of London, we can locate and manage studio hire as close and convenient to you as possible.

Post Production Services for other companies

We also edit and offer post production for other companies and video makers, including motion graphics, and always at an affordable level whatever your needs.

We have started to help other videographers with editing issues including de-hissing audio from DSLR, adding and syncing additional audio from iPhones to video clips, and removing flicker from clips because frame rate was not set to match lighting. The latter can be quite a job but the end result also very pleasing, especially when you save an international location shot from having to be redone, saving thousands.

We also work with user-generated content, editing it to clean audio and remove shake and banding as necessary and usually either compile within a portfolio or embed in a site as a review.