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Cinemagraph for a Birmingham gym and personal trainer, Studio 131, shot and edited by Serious Content, London
Video thumbnail for Hamlingtons Jewellers Grand Opening video, shot and edited by Serious Content, London

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Nick Darcy of This Video Works

Nick Darcy

Hereford and London based cameraman, editor, producer, scriptwriter, researcher, SEO and Schema coder.

I started as a copywriter in London, moved into scriptwriting and video, worked as a producer and casting agent in New York. I have a great deal of relevant experience in market research and programming, Schema and SEO and I believe that combination makes me a safe pair of hands to get your video marketing live and connecting to your audience via search engines and social media.

One thing I learnt early on in lockdown, I’m not a safe pair of hands with a hair trimmer so after one brutal mistake, I’ve grown my hair rather longer over the last year and a half.

I particularly love filming interviews that identify and respond to customer needs. They can make powerful stories that through search and social media, connect direct to your audience or community.

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People spend 88% more time on websites with videos
Social Media Week
Listening is key to research and that is where we start This Video Works

this video works

I chose the domain as it's a kind of 'does what it says on the tin' name.

So how and why does 'this video' work?

By listening, at least that is where it starts...


By understanding the searches performed by potential customers (we use ‘search listening’ to identify customer intent) and scripting and coding to answer those queries, we provide exactly what the search engines want.

It’s simply a winning combination. Good filming helps too.

The clip below shows the process.


How and why does this video work?


To put it in plain words – on-site video marketing without video schema markup is simply a waste of time.
clip from barriers to getting found animation

I want your videos to get found online.

The amount of video produced is growing at a phenomenal rate so I produce video that search engines can read and that answer queries being asked. 

Used correctly, good quality video is a fantastic way to improve your rankings, drive visitors to your website and increase conversions. It’s a vital part of your overall SEO strategy and can deliver significant returns on investment.

But just loading video onto your site or YouTube isn’t enough, it’s essential that search engines know what you’ve produced and who its aimed at.

I can help you really flex your online muscles.

If you’ve read enough and feel I might be right for you call me direct on 07485 662316

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